The Surveillance State – Remote Neural Monitoring

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What if I were to tell you that there was a technology out there that could turn YOU into a Spy Machine.
Would you believe me?
What if there was a gadget that could turn your eyes into a camera – and your ears into a microphone?
Would you find this hard to believe?
What if I told you this technology were already OUT THERE… and IN Operation?
It is.

Alexander Graham Bell Photophone –
This technology was first developed over 100 years ago…

What is at risk? There are technologies out there that can totally use your MIND – and ALL of your senses – as a surveillance device! Hello!!! No, I’m NOT just making this shit up. I wish I was! Here it is… the gadget that allows “them” to see through your eyes – and hear through your ears. Yes indeed — YOU ARE NOW a HUMAN SPY MACHINE! This is what Remote Neural Monitoring is ALL about! Here it is… the ability to use YOU… like a Spy Camera and Spy Microphone

Being John Malcovich – Movie Trailer –
Introduces the ability for someone to see and hear
through someone else’s sensory perception.
Being John Malcovich – (Trailer) – This movie introduced the concepts used in Remote Neural Monitoring – specifically when they slid through the tunnel and were able to then see through the eyes of John Malcovich – and use his sensory perceptions.
Laser Weapon
The Research Rabbit Whole – Remote Neural Monitoring Link…

Remote Neural Monitoring –

Mind Reading Capacity – this technology reports what you say or think to yourself – and relays that outward into electronic mediums such as TV’s radios, scanners, computer speakers, cellular phones, and can even plant dialogues into the mouths of people who are in your general area that blurt out your exact thoughts… as if they are “reading your thoughts”.

Technology Tracks You with Audio and Visual Signals – or GPS Tracking Systems – locks into your location and follows your infrared body heat pattern or cell phone output – in order to keep you “on the radar” for 24/7 non-stop electronic harassment and psychotronic torture.

Computer to Brain Interface: Your eyes become cameras, and your ears become microphones. You become a 24/7 spy machine. (Seeing through the victim’s eyes as with a camera, hearing through the victim’s ears – nano bot technology).  This technology allows them to monitor internal thoughts and relay them through an electronic medium or person – where the victim knows that they are being psychotronically stalked.  People in the surrounding area (gang stalkers or family/friends of the Target) will be given internalized dialogue where they will unconsciously (or consciously) PARROT the exact thoughts and words that are running in the target’s mind.

Retrieving thoughts and memories – can recall your entire life, every conscious and unconscious (dreams) memory.

Directed Energy Weapons Cue Into Your REM Sleep Patterns –
REM Sleep Deprivation, Shocks, Jars, Pokes, Jolts, Control of Sleep Patterns, Electronic Harassment where car alarms, alarm clocks, bangs on the wall, or your pets become robotic expressions designed to keep you up with REM Sleep Deprivation to re-set your sleep patterns, or not to allow you to sleep for days on end.

Feeling as if you are being watched, dropping hints that the perps can see you and know what you are doing at the exact second that you are doing it.

Thought Mind Reading and give a response over electronic mediums.

Frey Microwave hearing – V2k, Voice to Skull technology

External Visual Clues that tie into the target’s own personal psyche’.  (i.e. words that show up in random posters or graffiti) that show up along a well worn path that the target takes to work, through their neighborhood, or other areas that would be frequented by the target).

Visual Hallucinations –  3D images projected that appear to be real, but are instead holographic images or internal hallucinations.

Dream Manipulations –  Dreams projected internally, day dreams or sleeping dreams – that seem to be an internal drama created to further traumatize the target.  (Some people have even reported seeing objects from these dreams showing up in real life, in their neighborhood, or area that they frequent).

Psychodramas with people that are in your inner circle of family, relationships, friends, co-workers, etc…  – at any point, people can be drawn into playing out the role that they are being psychotronically seduced to play out – via psychotronic weaponry.

Sexual Over Sensitivity, Stimulation – via psychotronic weaponry.  Certain frequencies can be used to stimulate sexual interest in the target and this can lead a target to act out sexual urges more frequently.  A number of target’s report that they are more likely to masturbate more frequently, or to be attracted to different people – based on some type of unconscious programming that is happening subliminally within the target’s psyche’. Some target’s report that they are sent non-stop pornographic imagery and mind control day dreams (and dreams) that keeps them constantly sexually vigilant.  They feel that they are amped up and ready to take sexual action, but sometimes are set up for a let down – which leads to sexual frustration.  Several male targets that I have interviewed, report that they are sent sexual imagery for the opposite sex for which they would typically be drawn to, almost as if someone is seeing if they can be “converted” to liking the same sex – or to engage in sexual acts that they never would have considered becoming involved in, without the psychotronic sexual stimulation.

Sexual Manipulation, Psychotronic Rape – in some extreme cases that I have interviewed, some of the interviews go into explicit accounts of sexual manipulation and some even describe that they have been physically raped by this type of technology.  This is a heavy topic.  I have interviewed a couple of men who say that they have been sexually assaulted and raped with the psychotronic applications of this technology.  And there are other accounts of targets having their homes broken into and security systems shut down.  There have been a number of rapes reported while the target has been made unconscious with the use of psychotronic weaponry.

Dr. John Hall’s radio show interviews go into more depth on the subject of sexual manipulation and rape.  He vividly explains a lot of details that happened to his ex-girlfriend when her home was repeatedly broken into and her security system was hijacked in the state of Texas.


The story of 9/11 is a very important part in what happened to our LIBERTIES – and Freedoms. When people connect the dots more with this story, they will be able to sort fact from the fiction that we were spoon fed by our mainstream media sources.

The Research Rabbit Whole:  9/11 Edition


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  2. Dear All,

    All of you are being deceived by a hidden technology that is capable of remotely stimulating your brains.,405977,psychologist-persons-with-schizophrenia-believe-their-inner-voices-in-their-heads-are-strangers.html

    According to the article,

    “The psychologist added that there is also a group of healthy persons who do not meet the criteria for mental disorders, who also hear voices in their heads. According to research carried out in the Netherlands, this affects as much as 5 percent of the population. These people have no difficulty with normal functioning and do not feel discomfort because of the voices, therefore do not meet the disorder criteria. “It happens, for example, after the loss of someone close a relative can hear that person talking. It is called a psychological phantom. This phenomenon is somewhat similar to phantom pain that can occur after amputation, when severed limb seems to hurt. And this due to the fact that there is stills its representation in the brain.”

    “Neuropsychologists may explain auditory hallucinations with stimulation of the auditory cortex. “We know that when auditory cortex is stimulated, it begins to produce auditory experiences. Sometimes – we do not know why yet – this part of the brain is stimulated spontaneously. This means that without appropriate sounds, words from the environment, we can hear voices” – said the scientist and added that a healthy person would begin to hear voices or sounds, if he or she had an electrode implanted into the auditory cortex. Stimulation of the primary auditory cortex would make the person hear crackling and noise, and stimulation of the secondary auditory cortex – more complex listening experience, for example voices.”

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